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Project ENABLE – A terrific resource for everyone! Please check it out!

From their website found at

Project ENABLE provides free, foundational training, designed specifically for public, academic or school librarians worldwide, to help them gain the knowledge and skills needed to create inclusive and accessible libraries that meet the needs of all students. Teachers, administrators, and parents are also welcome to use the site to learn, review or update their learning in this area.

 This unique training site allows librarians to designate their library type and location (state) on their registration form and receive content that is tailored just for them. In addition, training can be customized for individual or group use. The site is free and open to all who can benefit from this training.

 Project ENABLE is a partnership of the Center for Digital Literacy (CDL), the School of Information Studies (iSchool@Syracuse) and the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University. Funding support for Project ENABLE was provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Wow! I am in the process of transcribing interviews with children’s librarians for my dissertation project about early literacy in the lives of children with disabilities and I can attest to the timeliness and necessity of this resource in our profession. We MUST be better prepared to ensure both accessibility and inclusiveness of the lifelong learning opportunities that all libraries are meant to provide, to everyone. 

No longer can librarians lament “I can’t afford to get trained in this area” or “I don’t have time to learn what I need to learn”. Now there is that free, self-paced training and did I mention that it is free and fully online so go get yourself to Project ENABLE and learn more about it!


I just found a great resource!

6 Steps Towards Inclusion

I have contributed a chapter about inclusive early literacy to this forthcoming book Library Services from Birth to Five: Delivering the Best Start, Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock, editors

The publishers invited me to write a blog post about the topic so here it is. Read it! Comment! Share! Order the book! It is going to be fabulous!

Here is a link to the book itself

This revised book is an essential resource for children’s librarians!


If you are at this blog, I take it you have an interest in inclusive early literacy. If you are also a children’s librarian serving children of all ages and care about providing the best services, programs and collections for all children, then please take the time to find, borrow or buy the revised edition of a book called Including Families of Children with Special Needs: A how to do it manual for librarians. 

Authors of the first edition: Sandra Feinberg, Barbara Jordan, Kathleen Deerr and Michelle Langa.

Revised by Carrie Scott Banks.

This book is an ESSENTIAL RESOURCE for all children’s librarians. The link to the ALA store is here. I bought mine from