Welcome to Inclusive Early Literacy!


I am a children’s librarian and an early literacy researcher and I have just finished a shiny new PhD, UBC, class of 2018! This is where I post stuff about my academic work, conference papers, workshops etc.  I also muse about my doctoral research journey as I explore early literacy in the lives of children with disabilities. I also discuss various related topics as they come up, usually something to do with diversity, inclusion and all the work that still remains to be done in our society, our communities, our schools and libraries. I work as a children’s librarian at an amazing public library in Western Canada. I also teach a Children’s  and Teen Library Services courses at a community college library technician program and as an adjunct at a university LIS program.  I am a member of the American Library Association division dedicated to children’s library services, the Association for Library Service to Children. I am married to a great guy who loves to cook, we have 2 kids, 2 cats and we all live together in a shabby/chic bungalow where chaos reigns supreme.

You can also find me on twitter @tess1144tessclipclop


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