Libraries Are For Everyone: An Epic Correction

I just really, really love this! Print & post!


Yesterday Robbie McDuff commented on my original Libraries Are For Everyone post where he kindly requested that I make some Eastern Hemisphere globes on what I call the epicsigns (the one with the ten people holding globes). I have to ashamedly admit that I had thought of it when people started responding to my images, but then let the lazy side of me win. Robbie made me step back and realize that I really should take the time to correct the North American-centric globes.

Robbie: thank you so much  for gently calling me out on this!

So I rolled up my Photoshop sleeves and spent over five hours this morning creating more vantage points on the globe and then inserting them into the epic signs. I’ll share all of the updated previous-posted versions here, and then add a link from the originals over to this post. And from this…

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