Slice of Life: Reading Malpractice

Yes, just yes. This kind of schooling is killing the joy of reading, and doing a disservice to everything we as literacy educators, teachers, librarians and parents hold dear in terms of educating our children to be thoughtful, literate human beings.

the dirigible plum

slice of life

I think I should sue my son’s school for reading malpractice. Every day he comes home from school hating reading just a little bit more. Understanding just a little bit less what it means to be a reader. Understanding just a little bit less why anyone would ever want to read. Feeling more confused by the disconnect between the meaningless busywork he’s asked to complete in a reading workbook at school and the astonishingly wonderful world of books that he knows at home.

Against my better judgment, I said yes when his school said he should take the READ 180 reading intervention class this year. There would be independent reading time every day, I was told. I examined the classroom library. Small but fairly choice. There would be time to read with partners, in small groups. Reading would be social. And yes, sure, there was the computer program but that wasn’t…

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