Flannel Friday FUN FUN FUN

One thing that I truly believe in is the power of the flannel board to engage all children including children with disabilities in storytime activities! I have been enjoying the creative goings-on at Flannel Friday http://flannelfridaystorytime.blogspot.ca/ and thought I would join in the fun. Flannel (or as we Canadians tend to refer to it) FELT stories are an integral part of making stories, songs, games and other activities come alive in our programs. This one is more of an open ended activity that meshes well Halloween and Monster themes.Just cut out a bunch of random monster bodies, monster eyeballs, antennae and limbs and let the kids mix and match their monsters on the felt board. You can do it as a “make and take” activity too – send them home with a little bag of monster parts to make and remake at home OR help them glue it together, stick a magnet on it and you’ve got a flannel fridge monster! It works really especially well after a reading of Go away big green monster!

Monsters on the Flannel Board!

Monsters on the Flannel Board!



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