Unite for Literacy shout-out!

Unite for Literacy shout-out!

Just a quick link to an online picture book resource – this book is a lovely example of “everyday diversity” and inclusion in books for children so I wanted to give it a shout out. Also, a great resource for families who want to read easy readers online with their kids as there are many titles to choose from, all free, no log-in needed.

I am working on a much bigger picture book project where I will be examining and analyzing a whole lot of picture books that purport to be about children with disabilities – I will be critiquing through an inclusion/diversity lens to see how well they stand up to stereotypes and other issues. Stay tuned…


One response to “Unite for Literacy shout-out!

  1. Anglophone children who can write the alphabet at 40 letters per minute by age 7 are always literate and never have academic problems, even though Marilyn Jager Adams, in her new book, proves that most American kids finishing first-grade still can’t name and write all of the alphabet letters.

    This idea of early handwriting fluency will probably change literacy throughout the world, once the public learns about it.

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